Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I've finally uploaded my Turkey Day pictures for your enjoyment!!

Food table after we had eaten..I talked to Olivia on the phone and she made me name everything on the table. So, I though I'd take a picture so she can see for herself. She was VERY disappointed there wasn't corn at our thanksgiving!
Blake and Me
(he's getting so old!!)
This is how the boys spend most of their time on holidays around here
(playing their Nintendos)


Smiling Jordan

Jeffery why did you do that with your eyes??

Blaine, Jeffrey, and Martha Jane

Alex, Jordan, Martha, and Oliver are really my mom's cousins.
But, they prefer to hang out with us!

We're too cute!!
He kind of reminds me of Elvira in this picture!

Alex eating a lemon square he made!

Sweet Blaine!
Come back tomorrow for this weekends pictures (I didn't want to overwhelm you with all of the pictures on one day!)
Also, it is snowing here!

1 comment:

the crumb said...

omg, who is that giant kid you're pretending is blake? how did you get some high schooler to pose for these fake thanksgiving photos? your persuasive skills must be very good these days.

all the other kids seem to be growing at a normal pace, so that's good.

you had a fun time with that family, didn't you? aww, you lucky thing. if i were you i'd be thankful for all those peeps.