Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy December!

Another month is done (OMG it's almost 2009!)

Bob Stoops never fails to amaze me! (what class!)

Cell phone diet did not work (i went over on minutes and texts, dang it)

December is my favorite month! (But it always goes too fast)

Every year I say I'm going to get an Advent Calender (but I never do)

Forecast for this weekend's game high of 42 low of 24. (How many hand warmers should I buy?)

Gas Prices are going back up ($1.58 this morning)

How long will this ABC blog take me? (too long I'm sure)

Iheartthejingle.com (in OK it isn't Christmas until you hear this! Happy it has its own website!)

Justin is having his baby any second (Olivia Grace...I've heard that name before)

Kung Fu Panda is my new favorite movie!

Letter I'll do last? (guess)

Movie suggestions for this weekend? (we will be renting)

Not quite sure why I did this blog this way...(but it goes)

O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A (i really do love this place)

Places I've been spending my time (here and here)

Quarterback Coach is single!!! (well at least he doesn't wear a ring -fair game!)

Road Trip this weekend! (so excited)

Sam Bradford for Heisman!!

Thanksgiving pictures are not uploaded. (so sadly you won't get to see them)

Unbelievable? I think I'm going to start signing my texts <3 pookie (hehe)

Viva La Vida is my current favorite song. (even though it makes me feel sad)

Winter is NOT my favorite! (i am not colds biggest fan!)

Xenodocheionology the reason I really like road trips!

You made it this far??

ZERO = the number of movies I've seen in the past two weeks (sadness)


the crumb said...

what is the reason you like road trips? i'd google it, but i like it when you explain things to me.

gas is going UP to 1.58??? whoa. what was it down to?!? (when i left it was like $3.88!

nice acrostic blog. :)

riddle me that said...

Xenodocheionology- is the love of hotels and inns, and that is one of the best parts imo! gas is back down in the 1.40s so no worries. but rumor has it it's in the 1.20s in KS, i'll let you know for sure!!