Thursday, December 18, 2008


These are the directions I just gave out.

you know that street next to us (head nod)? take it to that one street behind us...the big one..the one with stop lights, i dont know its name. turn at the stop light, left no wait right...oh i don't know go that way (insert waving of the arm) then go a little bit you'll pass through that other stop light that one street 15th, 33rd, 22nd...i think it's a number...and then it's on your your know the same side of the street that we are on...just on that other street. i think it's pretty close you should be able to find it.

I should have drawn a map...I hope he got there.


the crumb said...

oh ashlee.

please learn street names, cardinal directions, and left and right.

please, for the good of humanity!

Giant Sis said...

i think a map would have been better. please don't ever work for mapquest, though. and just from reading those directions, i am now lost.

senorita rita said...

this is why we're friends. and also why i miss you.

i'll be in an airport tomorrow. so i'll probably be giving you a call. hope you'll be driving somewhere!