Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Mile High

Garrett's parents recently bought a house in Colorado just outside of Denver, and lucky for us they decided to take us up there with them for a visit. The house is on a mountain, we were about 7,500 miles up and this is a picture from just right down the street.

I was super excited about the cooler weather. I had dreams of being able to run whenever I wanted, any time of day. Around here I have to plan runs around the blistering heat. Unfortunately, what I didn't account for was the altitude, and what a problem it was to breath in it. Instead we did a lot of hiking which was so pretty. The neighborhood has over 20 miles of hiking trails. I was getting pretty desperate to see a bear and Garrett really wanted to see a mountain lion. So, I derived a plan and it involved some peanut butter. Sadly, we didn't follow through...something about not feeding wild life....boring.

One of the days we headed to Breckenridge it's about 45 minutes away, and this Florida girl was just in awe of all the mountains. I kept taking pictures and getting super excited. Garrett was sleeping and so I kept most of my excitement under wraps, as to not scare his parents. haha.

We rode the Gondola's up the mountain and then took the ski lifts up a slope where we hiked down. Garrett picked a black slope, which was pretty hard for my clumsy self. G and his dad led the you think they're related?

It was so pretty but it was also cold and windy when you weren't moving. I was so thankful I wore a jacket. Everyone else was shivering, especially on the ski lift. That thing was freezing, and pretty high up. I was a little bit terrified.

My only request was that we got to touch some snow...and my wish was granted...but the snow was kinda gross..

Garrett really wanted to find a walking stick the whole time we were there. This was as close as he got. It was practically a tree. silly boy. I could have used a stick though, I fell down that mountain 3 times.....oh I'm so clumsy....

The drive home was BRUTAL it was the last day of a holiday weekend and everyone was headed in the same direction. We just sat and sat in traffic. And for some crazy reason there are no back roads in the mountains....


The Spencer Trio said...

Gorgeous scenery! Glad you had fun! Yes, running in that high altitude is ROUGH to say the least! Hope you are doing well!

Rita said...

love the photos - so pretty! and you are looking really good! :)