Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Single or attached I’ve never cared much about Valentine’s Day. I mean I’ll never pass up a reason to get give presents but, I have no desire to go out to dinner the same night every other couple on the planet goes out, and I don’t really care that much about flowers (and I say just wait until the price goes down if you just really, really want to send some, spontaneity is more romantic anyway!)


I loved Valentine’s Day in elementary school! A party and “mail” what’s not to love! I loved Valentine’s Day in high school because we had those quizzes we took and sent off to some company that would tell us who we were compatible with you bought one with your results for the people in your grade and one for the rest of the grades, I looked forward to that every year! (did you do those?) We had the candygrams too and it was always fun to get a surprise in the middle of class (but I usually felt a little bit guilty if someone sent me one and I didn’t send them one too!


I have some really bad Valentine’s Day stories too, one goes like this: In high school my mom was engaged to my friends dad, my friend’s birthday is Valentine’s Day. Every year her dad would get buy her the same number roses as the age she was. One year he took me with him to order the roses, and the trip went like this…he bought roses for the birthday girl, roses for her sister, roses for my mom, roses for his mom, roses for his niece, and roses for his sister-in-law. That was it. When February 14th rolled around I thought for sure he’d surprise me and have gotten some for me too. But….nope I got none. It made me feel pretty crappy*.

Valentine's Day

Tonight I’m celebrating by taking a test, which overall is pretty sucky because exactly two months ago (ON MY BIRTHDAY) I was also taking a test, a final none-the-less. oh well. I also am currently enjoying my standing Monday night date with Panera and there are waaay less people here than normal (I guess no one wants to go to dinner at Panera for Valentine’s.) so that’s nice. Except I have no desire to the last minute studying I intended to do!


I hope that no matter if you are in a relationship or not someone made you feel extra special today! Because everyone deserves a little extra reminder that they are loved!


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

* The friend who this story refers to does not read my blog, but if she ever happens upon this post I want her to know I harbor no hard feelings for this incident….your dad did so many great things for me (and even more so for my brother and sister) I appreciate it all very much!  And I think you are great!!

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Emily Silver said...

What a sad Valentine's story! I hope this one is much much better! :)