Thursday, February 24, 2011

There has been a bug flying around my office all week.

Monday - I tried to swat him when he came near me. He stopped coming close. I thought he was gone.

Tuesday - He was still keeping his distance and wasn't much of a bother. I guess he remembered the swatting.

Wednesday - He landed on my jeans and he was so small and kind of cute I felt bad for him and thought he was probably hungry and thirsty. I tried to stand up and walk outside with him. He got scared and got away from me. I told him not to be scared I didn't want to squish him I just wanted him to be able to find some food.

Today - he's flying all around me and I keep trying to get him to land on some kind of paper or something so I can take him outside. He's having none of it but he's being very brave and flying in front of my computer screen every once in a while. So I know he's still here?

I really don't like bugs. I rather they stay outside and away from me. I can't help but feel sorry for them when they are out of their element (except flies, I hate all flies and their evil little hands rubbing together like they are plotting). I start thinking about their little bug families. It's ridiculous how much time I've spent in the last two days devising a plan to get him outside.

He kind of looks like this. 
Only he is very, very small.
I wonder if he's a baby?
I think I'll call him Lawrence.

Remember the spider? I think about him sometimes.

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Emily Silver said...

Haha, I love this. I feel exactly the same about bugs! Don't like them but I can't bear to orphan any little bug babies they might have somewhere in the world...