Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Away!

I think yesterday should be our last snow day of this Winter *fingers crossed* while I enjoy a day off as much as the next guy, being snowed in isn’t as much fun when you don’t have anyone to play in the snow with!

At least this time it was real life snow, usually around here we get ice days. :)

Kuddles was less than impressed with the snow. She couldn’t find the grass and it was cold and windy and she was just annoyed.

2011 033

She wouldn’t even pose for pictures, she’d just run back to the door and beg to go back inside. She couldn’t walk many places because the snow was so high, luckily we live in Oklahoma so the wind blows so hard there were areas that the snow was lower and she could walk.

2011 036

Most places were more like this, up almost to my knees! Which is why I stayed inside where it was warm and I had plenty of Netflix to keep me entertained!

2011 037

I finally let her go back inside and when I came in from shoveling Kuddles was trying to be warm, and giving me the evil eye!

2011 038

This was last Friday, by then she’d gotten a little more daring in her adventures. But, the cold was just too much for her and after a few minutes of being outside she would start picking up her paws and looking at them and making the most pathetic crying sound until I picked her up took her inside and dried off her paws. So sad!

2011 040

Here’s my running path, you can’t even see the track. I cannot wait to start running outside again. I miss it, the treadmill and I are just not really friends!

I heard a rumor that next Thursday it’s supposed to get up to 76 degrees…I hope it’s the truth…Spring I miss you, come visit soon! Then Summer you can come too, I never complain about your hot days, I never wish for cooler weather (because when you do, this is what you get!). Spring and Summer I love you guys!

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