Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A little too human

Kuddles eats what we eat. Sure I give her dry dog food that she eats but when we sit down to eat anything a meal, a snack, some fro yo Kuddles knows she'll get some too.

Everyone feeds her. She's cute when she begs for food and she's too small to be annoying about it so I even see guest dropping food on the floor for her.

She'll eat just about anything if she thinks you dropped it on accident it's all the better because she thinks she's not supposed to have it and I've watched her eat chunks of onion, all that to say she isn't all that picky.

Last night I made some microwave popcorn (which is very unusual because if I eat popcorn it's only when Garrett makes it with kernels on the stove top) Kuddles was sitting on the couch with me waiting for her share of the loot so I gave her a piece. She didn't eat it right away which isn't out of the ordinary (sometimes she holds out to see if she can get something better).

After a few minutes I saw out of the corner of my eye my little spoiled dog use her paw to push that piece of popcorn on to the floor. It was so sly and quick like a child trying to feed their vegetables to the dog. I said to her you did not just do that...and then she slowly peeked over the edge of the couch looked at the popcorn and then looked back at me.

She's such a brat.

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