Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Last night Garrett and I went to my first Thunder game!! I looked up the game time on ESPN so we were a little bit late due to the fact they list everything in EST and I wasn't paying attention. dang. it.

The game was a little too exciting. At the end there were 5 seconds left and the Golden State Warriors (such a silly name, I think) were down by 6, so I said it's over right because there is no way they can score two 3 pointers with that much time left. And I jinxed it (just like that test I took last week). After a crazy play and a stupid Thunder mistake the GSWs tied the game....and into overtime we went. The stadium was pretty much empty because everyone left thinking it was over!

We ended up winning by one point, so yay for that!! It was a fun way to spend a normally boring Tuesday night (but it did cause me to miss Teen Mom 2...)

I took no pictures to commemorate my first ever NBA game because I left my camera at home, and then when I asked Garrett to get it he left it at work. And it was too dark to take iphone pictures. sad.

PS. Don't worry football you're still my favorite! me

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