Monday, February 27, 2012

Glass Blowing.

Confession : I don't watch Award shows

(except for college football awards but no one talks about best dressed from those)

I do enjoy your posts about who wore what.  :)

As expected I had a low key weekend filled with studying. Yesterday the weather was so amazing I was sad I wasn't outside enjoying it. Saturday I went on a nice long walk but in true Oklahoma form it was super windy, but it was a welcome break from learning about pensions!

I wish the weekend had been a little bit more relaxing, and I really really wish the cleaning/laundry fair had shown up (she never does!) Our house is going to get a good deep scrubbing over spring break.

Friday night we did squeeze in a quick dinner date at a neat little local Italian place where they blow glass and make bowls, platters, vases and such. There was a little bit of a wait but it was so much fun watching them with the glass it didn't even matter. Luckily the food was good so we will for sure be heading back!

That orange bulb because a really neat two toned deep red platter!

It's on my list to have something of my very own hand blown while I watch! Cannot wait!

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