Wednesday, February 22, 2012


When I cook I always end up with a lot of food. 

I'm not that great at following recipes to start with but it never fails that I'll be making something that says it serves four and when I'm done I have like 15 servings. Either other people eat way bigger servings than us (doubtful), food multiplies in my refrigerator (possible), or I just add way more food than I think I am (likely).

It's not a big deal for two reasons 1. I don't have time to cook so we're lucky if it happens one day a week and 2. I have no problem eating leftovers (and for the most part neither does Garrett)

Sunday I made some spaghetti, I always make my sauce from scratch it taste better and I'm sure it comes out cheaper since it makes so much. We ate it for dinner Sunday night and I packed 5 containers of it for lunch this week. The rest of the sauce I put in a Tupperware to freeze I figured I'd eat it again in two weeks for lunch. 

Garrett decided he would eat it one night for dinner this week when I was in class, so I left it in the fridge. I asked him if he would mind putting in the freezer when he was done so the leftovers don't go bad. 

There are two more things you should know 1. Garrett brings us both dinner home from work almost every day (I'll blog about that another day) and 2. We just set some pretty large financial goals and are on a very strict budget.

That was a lot of back information to tell you I casually mentioned to Garrett that he's not as good at eating leftovers as I am. I am eating spaghetti six days in a row (which I don't mind), and he usually will eat the same thing two maybe three times in one week. (nothing wrong with that I was just pointing it out) 

OH MY GOODNESS now he is on a mission to prove me wrong, so instead of bringing home dinner the last three nights he decided he'll eat spaghetti (bringing his grand total to 4 dinners in a row) which is all good and great. It's saving us money on the food he would have bought, I'm not cooking during the week, and we aren't going out. 

The problem is this I've now had spaghetti for SIX meals since Sunday and I'm guaranteed to have it for at least three more. 

In the end I will still have eaten the same leftovers WAY more than he has....but I'm not going to tell him that...

Do you eat leftovers? Do you know how to make things so you don't have 379 meals for two people? 

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