Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

I didn't want to miss the chance to post on leap day! Sadly the test I had last night sucked everything out of me and my ability to form any kind of coherent thoughts is lost so I thought it was the perfect day to link up with my first ever Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday! I'm itching to go on vacation so this is going to be all the places I'm dreaming of lately!


Garrett's headed on vacation without me soon *pouts* but I have school (and I'm not crazy about skiing).

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Meanwhile I'm planning our next vacation together, to somewhere warm and sunny!


Or maybe a cruise around Alaska?

California wine country?

Or New York City?

Where's your next vacation? Or your last one?


Alyssa said...

Love the pic of Atlantis! It's my dream to go there some day! I also LOVE NYC!! I miss living so close to there!

Terri said...

oh this is giving me such a case of wanderlast! can we just go to all of them?