Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello Monday!

Monday comes a little too soon after a super fun weekend, but I really can't complain since I didn't have to study and I will spend the next 5 days only working and not working and going to school!

This Monday brought a little something extra special in the form of last semesters, all As! Five semesters of straight As! Who am I?!?

It feels good to be done!

So on to the weekend. 

I got a ticket Friday night. Ugh 18 months since my the last time I got pulled over. Apparently I was going 50 in a 25 it really didn't feel like I was speeding I wasn't in road rage mode or anything! I took my reduced ticket and went on my way. In 2011 it was a resolution not to have a violation and it worked, guess that's going to be a reoccurring resolution. What a waste of money!

Saturday Garrett and I went to breakfast and a little shopping then I headed out for a day of pampering, hair cut, shellac manicure, pedicure and eye brows waxed! (I found a new nail place that I liked, here is hoping my shellac lasts a good long while I had to stop going to both of my other places because my gel polish was not even lasting a week, it was more like 3 or 4 days supper annoying!!)

Then later that night it was out to meet a few of G's coworkers for the first time! We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a few too many beverages outside in perfect (but windy) weather. 

Sunday we headed out to Garrett's grandparents we took lunch, and had big plans to play some dominoes, but someone (garrett) feel asleep right after lunch. After a nice visit we headed home where I feel asleep for a way too late nap and then curled up with G's most delicious popcorn and movie (A Dangerous Method).

I figure without having to go to class every day this week it will be Friday again before I know it! Oh how I love the weekends!

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