Friday, May 4, 2012


Well my semester is finally over! thank the lord! 

It has been a rough four months to say the least. I never felt caught up, just like I was treading water trying to not fall behind. Now I'm just obsessively checking to see when my grades are posted!

I've really been thinking a lot about this blog in its sad little neglected state. I want to blog more but I think I get into a rut where the only things that are going on is work, school, study, rinse, and repeat and that's no fun to read or write about.

I think I'm going to be making some changes around here, a new look, maybe even a new name and a new url. I'm not sure we'll see. Shortly after I started this blog Garrett asked me why I wanted to blog my answer was, because maybe some day my great, great grandkids will will want to read about me, and that still stands true today. I just haven't been very loyal to that idea.

I should have way more time this summer I'm only taking 3 hours (online!!)  I'm so excited for this summer and my amazing summer bucket list (I'll share in the next couple of days!)

Have a great weekend!!

So happy for summer!

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