Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'll see your flowers and I'll raise you a purse!

I have a really awesome boy who knows the way to my heart!!

Last week I got this beauty in the mail...

It's the Pippa bag from Modalu. It was my present for straight As this semester :) It's so beautiful! and so me! What a good Pook I have! He knows the way to my heart! (iphone pictures do not do her justice!)

Honestly I think when he said he would buy it for me he thought there was no way I would be able to pull off all As this semester! I kept the website open when I studied for exams so any time I wanted to get on facebook or read blogs I would see this beauty and get back to studying! But true to his word it was ordered last Monday morning as soon as grades were up, even though I was feeling a wee bit guilty since we had just purchased vacation plane tickets, but he said I deserved to be rewarded for my hard work. He's a keeper!

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Emily said...

That's such an awesome gift...and a great study motivator!!