Monday, July 16, 2012

Another (mon)Day, Another Dollar!

I tried to remember to take some pictures this weekend. As you'll soon see it appears that my weekend revolved around food....

Friday I had to get my new refresher from Starbucks! I wish I had more time I would have run to the other one to get the lime also! I'll have to just suck it up and buy it though I guess....I'm kind of a creature of habit.

Friday night My cousin Jeffrey came down and we took him to one of our favorite pizza places, I sadly forgot to snap a picture until we had already started, I also meant to get a picture of Garrett and Jeffrey. Better luck next time I guess. 

Saturday I tried to help Jeffrey open a checking account, after waiting almost an hour, we were sadly informed that his driver's license was not significant proof of his name or address....annoying. 

After the failed bank attempt it was off to lunch at one of my favorite burger places (does seeing the inside of my burger gross you out? I forgot to take a picture of it when it was whole...) Why yes that is an egg on my burger delish! I am a firm believer that eating a burger with an egg on top is a sure way to wake up without a hangover after a heavy night of drinking. Try it, it works! 

Sunday it was more tea from Starbucks (who am I kidding I had it every day this weekend!) and lots of studying...really need to stop putting my online class off until Sunday every week!

Here's hoping for a good fast week!

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