Monday, July 9, 2012

Oh Monday!

My weekend was full of school work, 5 days a week I pretend like I'm not taking any classes, that leads to rushing to finish everything on Saturday and Sunday. This week I vow to get school done during the week so I can enjoy my weekend. I organized and cleaned my office (in order to further avoid school work), several naps, a few redbox movies, and lunch and brunch dates out with Garrett. 

Brunch was on Sunday and I was so excited about it all weekend, I always think this particular restaurant is going to be so good, and I get jealous when Garrett gets to go there with work (it's really close to his office), but every time I end up not overly impressed. I mean the food is fine it's just nothing special. I get my hopes up for amazing and it's just something I could make at home, at least there aren't any dishes to clean up.

And since I took no pictures this weekend (except my photo a day pictures) I thought I'd share this one of the sweetest baby girl I know in an outfit I got for her that she just grew into (she's a little teeny tiny thing)

Here's hoping we all have a great week, and that Friday finds its way here quickly!!

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