Monday, February 25, 2013

Don't Call TLC Yet...

Garrett comes home today, he's been gone since Thursday and I'm so so so happy to get him back! Let me tell you absence does make the heart grow fonder at least for me because I don't sleep well when I'm home alone.

I really thought it was something that would get better with time, but so far no luck. The last two nights I went to bed at about 4:00 and was up by 7:30. The nights before weren't much better, I'm just too tired to remember the numbers. I do remember that the dog would bark every time I would almost fall asleep. She was on edge also.

She just really wanted to get some sleep....
Scary teeth!

I obviously couldn't study this weekend since I wasn't sleeping, which meant I needed a project. Our house has never been so clean. I also emptied my closet. I have another problem aside from the fact I can't sleep when I'm alone. I have far too many clothes. I have jeans in 5 sizes. FIVE. 
Dear Ashlee, If you are ever small enough to fit in the smallest size of jeans again you will want new ones. I am sure of it. So go ahead and just get rid of some things. YOU ARE A HOARDER*. Love, Me! 

*I'm not really a hoarder, even though I probably could have been if my mom hadn't worked at getting me to part with stuff. The following pictures are my entire walk-in closet emptied. My bedroom never usually has this much clutter!

I actually did a really good job. Kind of. I got rid of a ton of stuff and better organized the stuff that was staying. As a reward I went and bought a few new shirts. Because my closet looked really empty!

do you spy a little dog?
There is a blizzard headed this way, but I really need it to wait until Garrett gets home. American Airlines (not what he's flying) has already cancelled all their flights starting at 1:00 his flight gets in a few minutes before that, so I hope he makes it. I am heading out of town this weekend so I really need him to make it so I can catch up on my sleep!

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