Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow Day!

We woke up to snow this morning! I don't mind the cold so much when it's snowing, and I really don't mind the cold when the snow means life is canceled for the day. 

Sadly today was not the kind of snow day that cancels life. It was just the regular old still have to go to work snow day. This is our second round of snow in the last couple of weeks. Big FAT fluffy snow flakes. They are so pretty falling from the sky.

The snow isn't very deep and it doesn't last very long. Which means we have to get photo shoots in quick! I had to take The Bug out in her polka dot coat. She was not a fan, but for some extra treats and cuddling to get warm after we were finished she put up with it. 

I grew up in Florida and I still get so excited every time it starts to snow. I want to put on gloves and hats and boots and go build snowmen. The snow just makes me giddy! For like 15 minutes. At that point I get tired of wearing all those layers, and I remember that snow is cold and wet and it gets dirty super fast and slushy. I remember I hate winter clothes, and I want to go back inside and get warm.

Kuddles hates it from the start. I always see pictures of dogs happily bounding through the snow, looking like they are having so much fun. Just full of joy that they get to be outside in the snow. Not the Kuddlebug she follows me around whining trying to get me to pick her up.

At least she's fashionable.

And she gets extra treats.

And extra cuddle time!

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