Monday, September 23, 2013

Scarf swap!

The last time I participated in a swap I swore I'd never do another one, for all the good partners I've had the last one was just too bad. I just didn't think it was worth the effort when the risk of getting someone who put one thing from the Target dollar spot or junk from around their house into the box (true story!) 
But Meredith's 5th annual scarf swap just looked like too much fun to pass up and I'm so glad I participated!

I got paired up with Chelsea and I just know we would be bffs! Here's a few reasons why:

1. She has a chihuahua Tucker
2. Her son Jack's nursery is filled with elephants (and elephants are my favorite!)
3. She has a son named Jack and I have a cousin named Jack (ok that one might be a stretch)
4. We both got our scarfs from Loft
5. She is a self described OCD stress-case and that pretty much sums me up, always making everything more stressful than it needs to be...

Anyway onto the goods!

Here is what came out of my cute red envelope! Perfectly wrapped swap goods! (reason #6 we both used Erin Condren gift labels!) It's a miracle I snapped a picture I was so excited to see what was inside!

Ah here it is the scarf! It's so funny because as I was looking around for what I was going to get Chelsea I kept coming back to this scarf, I really liked it! I just wasn't sure if it was it. Chelsea said she liked dark purple for fall this year I wasn't sure this was quite right (for her swap scarf), so I decided on another one (you can see it over on her blog) When I opened the package I was so excited because the reason I kept coming back to this scarf was because I loved it for me!

As if that great scarf wasn't enough she also included these Kate Spade note pads in my favorite colors! Pink, Navy, and  a Red and White one for the Sooners! I just love them!

Pink and Navy, polka-dots, Sooners, and Kate Spade all of my favorite things!

Thank you so much Chelsea I loved getting to meet you through the swap! Everything was perfectly me!

*please excuse the poor picture quality if I had waited to get better ones it would have been time for the 6th annual swap!

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