Tuesday, August 12, 2008

here we go again...

I figure with Christie going to Hungary that I better start working on my blogging skills. It turns out I am an excellent blog reader, it's the writing I'm not so dedicated to...dang it. But, we'll give it another shot.

I have been blogging around (I like to click next blog at the top of the screen, until I find something interesting to read) I've found some good ones. But, those people have lives that are way more interesting than mine!

I finished Kristen's wedding and that was more fun than a wedding should be! I'm not sure what is going to occupy my time now that it's over though. I'm pretty sure that I need to be a wedding planner it is my most favorite activity! Here are some pictures of the wedding because boring blogs can be made more exciting with photos...so I'll give that a try!

The boys (do they look alike?) I just don't see it

Ashlee and Kristen!

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