Wednesday, August 13, 2008

on track...

I have felt pretty crappy today, my own fault. What are you gonna do?? But, I'm here!

I find him fairly Amazing!
I have filled nights watching the Olympics! They are so exciting to me especially gymnastics and the swimming. I'm not really into synchronized swimming though I watch it and gape in amazement and I feel fine eating dinner during volleyball, I could take it or leave it. I'm excited for track and field to start! and regular diving is fun! I used to be glued to the tv during gymnastics as a small child, this year I figured they only come around once ever 4 years so I better watch them while I can! I even gave up THAI food to watch them last night. That's not easy! I went to BJ's brewhouse instead it was good, the avocado egg rolls were awesome! The meatloaf was okay (I love meatloaf and think I am qualified to give my opinion as a meatloaf connisuier!) it was too gravy like I prefer my meatloaf ketchupy! It was good though, next time I think I'll try something else.

Today I've been listening to stuff on myspace music since I haven't figured out how would be the best way to use my ipod at work. It works out better than a radio station because I can listen to what I like. Some of my faves are bayside, we the kings, plain white ts. So that has been fun!

Well, I better get some work done!

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