Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bad Days...

Recently one of my favorite people (the friend who logs the most in person hours with me) said to me in a shocked voice "you have bad days?"

I laughed. And thought about a day last month when I thought my world was collapsing and I sat in a random parking lot and cried. I was really overwhelmed. Looking back on that bad day I could have avoided it, it was months in the making. But, I was overwhelmed and it got the best of me. It all ended up okay.

Yesterday I had a bad day.

My car stopped accelerating, on a busy road during rush hour. If you are keeping track (like my bank account is) that is two flat tires (four new tires) and a transmission problem in less than one month.

As I sat in a parking lot, thinking of how inconvenient this was, I started to feel really sad for myself. The thought of being without a car is HORRIBLE to me. I need my car. I need to be able to leave on my own accord. I thought of the Nebraska trip (that I have been excited about for a year) I will most likely have to cancel because I do not have the money to fix whatever is wrong with my car.

But, somehow, I remembered that even though it felt like everything was going wrong there were a few things to be thankful for.

1. My car wouldn't go over 20mph but this allowed me to know something was wrong and get into a parking lot before it stopped going forward completely.

2. The parking lot happened to be right next to a place that works on cars (just not what was wrong with mine)

3. It didn't happen on the hill a mile before.

4. It didn't happen on the highway while I was driving 80mph at midnight the night before.

5. I wasn't trying to get any where too important.

6. Grammy was back in town and could come get me out of the parking lot.

7. Gram has AAA and they would tow me for free!

8. I got home in time to watch The Biggest Loser

So, as I sit at work, feeling trapped without a car, waiting for the place to call me back and tell me how many millions of dollars it will cost to rebuild my transmission, calculating how I can still pull off Nebraska, wondering how I am going to house sit without a car. I am certain that it will work out. One way or another. This will not be the end of my world.

Maybe it wasn't such a bad day after all. Maybe it was just annoying day.

And just maybe I don't have bad days.

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