Friday, October 9, 2009

There is only ONE Oklahoma!

This is my very first show us your life and I am so excited! College Football is my very favorite!

Especially Sooner Football!

The Pride of Oklahoma is the first to take the field

After tapping the Cheer Like a Champion sign our boys run onto the field...

and meet on the middle OU for some...then to end the north end zone for some prayers.

With our fingers in the air we chant in unison OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU

while our Kicker (Matt) Kicks off...

Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium is one of my very favorite places in the world! Especially at night when it isn't crowded.

Our Mascots Boomer and Sooner are new, sadly we've had quite a few mascots of the years...but we like these guys maybe they'll get to stick around!

Not many schools have a Heisman Park...but we do!

We are really ready to add an 8th date to our National Championships!

Last year we got our 3rd XII Championship in a row....hoping to make it 4 this year! As a Sooner Fan our first goal every year is to win the XII!!

We love L-O-V-E love our coach Bob! There isn't one coach in the whole world that I would trade him for! he is wonderful!

At some point every season Game Day makes it's way to one of our games and I like to be there front and center holding up my glittered signs!

This is my BFF and me at last years Big XII game we head to as many away games as possible I've been to almost all of the Big XII stadiums and I would love some day to have gone to all 120 (division 1) watch a game...but I'll have to start going to more than 3 a season! ha!(we are die hard fans, we don't leave early, and we don't try to out coach our coaches and we support the team no matter what!)

And last but certainly not least...I am so happy to say that our slingin' Sammy B will be playing against the Bears this weekend! I am so excited to see him back!

I realize this was a lot of pictures! If you made it to the end good for you! I really had to work hard to cut some pictures out!
I would have loved to gotten into the Red River Rivalry and the whining sɐxǝʇ fans but I'll save that for another post!


Jennifer said...

great post! and you have some great pictures of the stadium too. hope to get some of those tomorrow. boomer sooner!!

The Haynes Family said...

BOOMER SOONER! I went to CU, but being from Dallas I have a LOT of friends who are OU grads. Ya'll are definitely one of the Big XII standouts! Can't wait for the Red River Showdown next weekend!!

Kallie G said...

Yah! Boomer Sooner! I didn't participate in the Show Us Your Life but I was very excited to see a Sooner fan that did! :) I married a Texas fan so our house has some heated moments during football season! :) But, I know I am right when I say that the Sooners are the best around! :)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Nothing like a good day of college football....YOUR pictures are AWESOME....

Had a few minutes to blog hop and loved your blog. I have a great giveaway on both my blogs that will be given away this weekend....and all you have to do is hope you will stop by.

The Haynes Family said...

we tried, but just couldn't pull it off. :( now it's up to the sooners to take the longhorns down next weekend!!

thanks for the comment! we think Jackson's a cutie too!