Wednesday, October 21, 2009

life update

I've been busy,

Thursday my car was still in the shop but Garrett wanted to see a movie, so like any good bestie he came and picked me up (it's about 45 minutes between our houses, and the movie theater is in the middle). He stopped on the way to me and got the tickets for the midnight showing of Paranormal Activity! I was so excited because I had been wanting to see the movie forever and had even thought about driving to Dallas to see it. Sadly, by the time we got to the movie theater it was packed (fall break) and we decided to go see Law Abiding Citizen so that we could sit next to each other and not by some random strangers.Law Abiding Citizen was not good. It was improbable and just not the best movie I've ever seen. For sure don't waste movie theater prices on it.

Friday I took Garrett to work so that I could use his car (and did really well in the stick shift by myself!) I drove up to my cousin's house and got the keys and instructions on how to operate the house while they are on a wonderful cruise for their anniversary! Went to Panera and caught up on some stuff.

After Garrett finished working I picked him up and we got lunch at a new place Tuscany Pizza, they were SO not friendly. The food was good but their lack of personality will probably keep us from patronizing their establishment in the future! We took our Gyros (yes we got Gyros from a pizza place) and ate them at Garrett's parents new house. Eventually, G took me to get my car. (YAY!) We played a bit of basketball - Read Garrett played and I rebounded chased the ball for him.

Saturday morning I got up extra early and headed down to watch the OU-texas game in Norman. We went and got some stuff to grill during the game, corn on the cob! My fave! (while we were at the grocery we heard a song, an 80s song and we have been feverishly trying to figure out the name of it, it's just we don't know any of the words...the tune is a little fuzzy at this point, but we are trying! seriously how do you find a song when you think maybe it says wing and anything in it but even that is uncertain!) We sadly watched as our beloved Sammy got reinjured and our SOONERS lost. It was sad but really they played well and I don't think we can be too disappointed in the game. Disappointed in the season for sure but not one individual game.
Sometimes that's hard when the SOONERS are your identity. We are working on that! Looking to get our sense of accomplishment from something other than a college football team! :)

After the game I band all college football from the house (bold of me since boys live there) but I just couldn't deal with it (too bad we missed some good ones). Instead we watched...For hours! Good thing on the weekends they play movie after corny movie! ha!

Eventually, I think Garrett got tired of Lifetime (seriously I don't know why I mean there was a brand new movie on!!) And suggested we go see a movie, first we had some Johnny's for dinner! yummy! Then we headed to the movie theater and saw it!

It was really, really good! Very Scary but not gory at all! I was so happy I hadn't watched any of the previews. I loved it! After watching it for a bit I did lean over to Garrett and inform him there was no way on God's green Earth I was sleeping alone that night! I reminded him of that several times during the movie. My only one complaint is I so wish it would have been longer!

After the movie Garrett had to come to my cousin's house to spend the night (so sweet!) Poor Brent watched the movie too (not with us) and had to go sleep alone since I took Garrett!

Sunday we woke up and headed down to Norman, we watched some NFL (to make up for the lack of college the day before?) I just love watching Adrian Peterson! He is just so amazing. Plus, we were practically BFF in college! :)

Then we headed to La Baguette (my fave!) for a (very) late brunch! I was hungry and a little bit grumpy, but Garrett should know by now to feed me earlier!) It was so yummy! After brunch (people it was like 4:00pm, that is linner!) we decided to go see Paranormal Activity again (we really loved it!) G called his parents and asked them to watch it with us, because we thought it would be fun to see it with someone who hadn't!

Garrett's Mom got motion sick, and had to leave the theater (there was someone throwing up outside the door ew!) but his dad really liked the movie! After the movie we picked up Papa Murphy's (my fave!) and headed to the rents house to watch Mad Men and chat. It was fun. G's parents are so sweet. But, let's be honest I do feel a bit awkward around them, I am after all his ex girlfriend. And we did not have the best breakup (or relationship for that matter) in the world. But maybe we have all gotten over that?

On the way home traffic was horrible because of the U2 concert, but on the way home I was following the band to the airport! how fun is that! there were like at least 12 cop cars! so fun!

In the interest of your sanity and time, I will stop this post here. I have watched 3 more movies recently that I would like to go over because it's been awhile since I've done that and I've been watching a bunch of movies again!

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