Saturday, October 24, 2009

sleep deprived

I haven't been sleeping, for multiple reasons. But, right now today this morning it has caught up with me. I feel loopy and exhausted.

This morning I dropped Garrett off at his test to complete his CPA hopefully this is the second to the last test *fingers crossed*

We didn't get to sleep last night until after 3, part of it (a huge part) was my fault. I felt bad, really bad but for whatever reason he didn't seem to be too upset about it.

I'm a little bit absent minded. Oh who am I kidding I am A LOT a bit absent minded. You know that saying I'd forget my head if it weren't attached? That saying was written for me, I am sure of it.

It's a never ending struggle of putting something down and walking away, I've always done it. As long as I can remember.

When I was five I had saved $46 (I was going to use it to buy presents). It was in my purse, and I left my purse in Wendy's in Miami. I was so upset, My mom of course went back to see if we could find it but she prepared me for the worst. I think she said something about a hard lesson to learn. We got to Wendy's and do you know my purse and my money were still there.

I learned my lesson and I thought I would never do the same thing again. But, it is a never ending battle with me. I'm always forgetting something. (seriously if you could hear inside my head a lot of my inner dialogue goes like this, your phone is on the table don't forget to pick it up, do you know where the lap top bag is? don't forget it.) When I arrive at a place with my keys it goes like this, put your keys in your purse,. right now before you forget. are your keys in the car. and on and on and on.

So, last night as we drove to the house I'm sitting for I thought get the garage door opener out of your car (because we were only taking one) but then I thought no I'll leave it because I can get in with the key pad. no big deal.

We drove the 30mile drive and I opened the garage door and tried to get into the house, excited that I could finally sleep. and do you know the cleaning lady had locked the door between the house and the garage.

no big deal. I have keys.

Except on a whim earlier that evening I had taken those keys out of my purse.

now if I only could find them now.

After a drive back to Norman and finding the keys in my car. (I looked under the bed first, that is the kind of place I find my stuff.) We drove back to North OKC. oh dear me.

I was pretty frustrated at myself. It was a silly thing to do. It was late and I was overwhelmed. I felt badly for Garrett who had a test this morning. I felt badly for Biscuit who could see me but didn't understand why I wasn't coming inside.

Garrett was calm and didn't seem frustrated at all. I didn't understand. I told him I liked the old G better. He said "the old Garrett that would have to you you were stupid. Even though he had done worse?"

"Ya the old Garrett that would have told me I was irresponsible and thrown a fit" Him, I missed him. Then I could have been angry at him instead of myself.

Truth be told I like new G way better it was nice that he was laid back about the whole thing. It probably helped me calm down a lot faster.

Eventually we got to sleep. And all will be well. Someday we might remember this, but more likely I will have have forgotten something else and moved on to that memory.

Today is going to consist of a nap. And some SOONER football!

For now I am going to try to get out of Panera and in to my car without forgetting anything.

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