Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November!

I have apparently turned into Scrooge.

I got home from class last night and turned on my porch light and waited (and waited) for the doorbell to ring.

At 8:00 it finally rang, and then it rang again, and while I was walking the 7 steps from the couch to the candy bowl next to the door it rang 11 more times.

I am not even kidding you the two children at my door rang the doorbell at least 12 times in the 30 seconds it took me to hand off the dog and answer the door.

The kids were probably 7 (a girl) and 10 (a boy) too old to ring the doorbell that many times. I have no idea what they were dressed up as because my head was vibrating from all the ringing.

I resisted the urge to give them a lesson in trick-or-treating manners, and also the urge to give them one piece of candy.

Instead I gave them a handful of candy, looked for their parents (I saw none), shut my door, and promptly turned off my porch light…

They ruined my Trick-or-treating sprit.

Of course I made the little dog dress up….

2011 - 10 007

2011 - 10 005

Isn’t she just the cutest little Hippo! Here is her costume from last year, she makes a really cute bug too…

Don’t forget it is NaBloPoMo time you can win prizes for posting every day in November! I made it last year, but my posting has been waaay more sporadic in 2011 so let’s see if I can make it though…

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