Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What's the deal with the baby pjs for grownups??

Have you seen these?

They've been at Target for awhile...

and that's okay because it's Target right?

Then I noticed them in my Land's End Canvas catalog (without feet)...and I thought that was kind of weird.

But then yesterday I noticed them at J.CREW....
Really is this for real?

Is this the new trend for pajamas?

I will not be participating, can you even imagine? I mean look at that jcrew models ass, that is not flattering can you even imagine what they would look like on a normal person?

I'm pretty sure if I were a guy I'd have it written into my wedding vows no weird one piece pjs. ever. Maybe guys think they are hot though...I'll have to check with G when I get home...but I'm just not seeing it...

I'd admit I am far from the most fashionable or trendy person (there is a reason you'll never see outfit of the day posts around here) but I just don't get the function or the excitement of these. I sure wouldn't spend $80 on them!

Do you own one piece pjs?

Are they on your Christmas list this year?

Please tell me the appeal!


Michelle P said...

My BF jokingly got them for me last year ughhhh

Emily said...

I tried some on for fun at Target a few years ago and they were actually super cozy! I think if I was freezing (and single) I'd wear them in the winter!