Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Goals

Let's start with how we did on Octobers...

I can tell you before we start it was a BIG FAT FAIL. dangit!

1. Blog Every Weekday - FAIL - I blogged 6 times in October.
2. Walk 100 Miles. fail - but just a little fail I did really well with the training 
3. Reach Team Donation Goal. Together we've made our goal but I have a little ways to go get to reach my half of the $4600
4. Spend @ least 1 hr a day on school work. Fail I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote this! I had two fundraisers this month preparing for this walk has been HARD work and I'm still behind but I'll be fine.
5. Keep Car Cleaned Out. DID IT!  
6. Organize Office. FAIL- Not even close, it's worse than when I started!
7. Finish Gallery Wall. FAIL - better luck next time
8. Comment More! Maybe I did a little better, I'll give this one a neutral.
9. Try 2 new recipes FAIL - I did not cook once this month, not one time!
10.  Get a laundry schedule, and stick to it! FAIL- still have piles of laundry...


1. Blog every day! I'm like a broken record on this...we all know I'm participating in NaBloPoMo...

2. Start Couch25k (again) I'm given myself some grace on the start time since I'm walking 60 miles the first weekend of November, ideally I'll start Tuesday 11/8 but if that turns out not to be realistic that's okay I'll just start as soon as physically possible.

3. Limit *extra* spending to $100 extra is those things I *need* at Target, getting my nails done, projects I start, etsy purchases, etc...

4. Finish Christmas Shopping and by finish, I of course mean start....

5. Keep Car Cleaned Out. oh the never ending battle....

6. Organize Office no excuses get it done. the gallery wall too!

7. Clean out my side of the garage it is about to get really effing cold, I'll be so happy I did!

8. Maintain As Started out strong...that makes things easier to finish that way!

9. Comment More! I read too many blogs I need to comment on them!

10. Plan to take 4 dishes to Thanksgiving! Since I stopped cooking I miss it, I'll make up for it at Turkey Day!


Giant Sis said...

I'm jealous that you didn't cook at all in October - is that wrong of me?

Good luck on your walk this weekend! I hope you have a terrific time and finish it blister-free!

I hope you reach the other goals you set for yourself! Have you finished the C25K before (or just started it a lot)? I was thinking of doing it again - but I REALLY don't like running.

When's your cruise? We're going cruising next week! I can't wait!

caitlin said...

good luck on the walk girl :) those are great goals!