Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Fail. And Swaps!

I didn't make it posting every day in November...dang it.

The 3-day took so much out of me both physically and mentally that I've been going to bed at ridiculously early hours.

Every night riiiight before I fall asleep I think about how I didn't blog but the goal doesn't seem worth dragging my sleepy self out of bed and turning on the computer. So, I've just accepted the fact that this isn't my month for every day posting. Maybe I'll try again next month?

I'm so excited to share pictures from the 3Day and to write about my experience but you'll have to wait at least another day. :)

In other news...I can't help but sign up for all the blog swaps during this time of the year! I seriously love  getting things in the mail and I may take my job of putting together the perfect swap present a little too seriously!

Here are some good ones I've signed up for!

Laura at Luckiest in Love had the ornament swap last year and it was so much fun I can't wait to participate again! Who doesn't love new Christmas ornaments?

Then there are three fun lady's hosting a Secret Santa Swap! I love a good surprise so I think this one should be exciting! Head on over to Everyday AEM to learn more about it!

Are there any more fun swaps I'm missing out on??

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