Thursday, October 25, 2012


Well I failed the challenge.

I do have a really good excuse though!

Monday night after class (and a really hard test!) I came home and Garrett was really bummed that he had lost his fantasy football game and I suggested we rent a movie to cheer him up. At 12:30 I finally told him I needed to turn it off because I couldn't sleep with it on and I was getting tired. Off to dreamland I went. For a minute.

Sometime around 1:45 I woke up in horrible pain and I was having trouble breathing. I stumbled into the bathroom and then came to back to bed. I woke Garrett up and he asked if I needed to go to the hospital. When I said yes he panicked (I am not a medical drama queen I don't go to the doctor when I'm sick until I've tried everything else) I was pretty sure I had ruptured some vital organ (and I might have been a little scared because first I was sleeping and then I was in pain).

I walked into the living room and was laying on the floor, whining and crying and moaning and telling him that it was getting better and I would be fine. Garrett called 911 (panicked remember) I was pretty sure even in that moment that it was overkill, but you know it was the middle of the night and I was in pain.

The ambulance and the fire truck showed up and there were 8 sweet men in my living room trying to find out what was wrong. Probably wondering why I was withering around on the floor....

They asked what my pain level was and I said "probably a 7 it's bad but not as bad as when I had Kidney Stones." (foreshadowing)

After a successful IV placement by the guy in training (ugh!) we were off to the hospital. Garrett was waiting when I arrived and Grammy and my Uncle showed up shortly after, and I kept saying I feel like such a drama queen. At this point it's 3:00am and I have three people sitting in the emergency room with me. When the guy came to take me to get a CT scan he said "Wow! You have quite the entourage in there" when I told him I felt like such a drama queen he told me I shouldn't feel bad at all I was so lucky to have so many people that love me. And he was right! I am so lucky that all of these people dragged themselves out of bed to come sit at the hospital with me. :)

The theme of the ordeal was this, they would come in and tell me it sounded like a kidney stone and I would tell them it wasn't because I have had kidney stones before and this pain was different, it felt different, it was in a different place. It was just different.

Joke was on me because it is in fact a kidney stone.

The good news is nothing is ruptured!

The even better news is that I am not in the unrelenting pain that I was last time I had a kidney stone. (the pain is there, I just have breaks from it)

The bad news is that pain is most likely coming (the stone is still very high).

The really really bad news is I leave for Hawaii soon and I am a little bit worried that I am going to end up with that unrelenting pain in Hawaii.

Right now we are waiting it out and praying I can pass it sooner than later, I am hoping to avoid surgery (last time that's how it had to be removed), and that it doesn't interfere with Hawaii.

I would not wish the pain of a kidney stone on my worst enemy. There are a lot worse things that it could have been when I got to the hospital, but I'm quite certain there is not much that is more painful than a stone!

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