Thursday, October 18, 2012

Is it almost over??

Am I the only one cheering for October to end? This challenge has been....well challenging. Or maybe I'm just in a hurry for November because it means I'll be headed to Hawaii! :)

Anyway here's today's letter to me.

Dear June 18, 1991 Ashlee,

So, I have some already know your mom is going to have a baby today, and you are mostly excited for that baby (remember back when you wanted a sibling?). The thing is the baby is not the brother that you have your fingers crossed for. It's a girl. A sister. Her name is not Nathan, it's Natalie. She's nothing like you imagined (first she's a girl) second she has brown hair and lots of it. She kind of looks like a baby animal. When you wake up tomorrow you're going to think it was a bad dream, that'll make everyone laugh. Except you. When you agreed to the sibling you only agreed to a brother, you spent nine months thinking of your little brother Nathan so this comes as quite the shock (guess what is going to be even more shocking? When your mom has another baby in 18 short months and that one's boy...) Anyway I'm getting off track, lots of people are going to talk about this new sister, and talk about how cute she is....she's going to get a whole lot of attention, your attention. You've been only you for 9 years 6 months and 4 days so sharing is hard. I'm here to tell you it gets harder, you tolerate that sneaky little girl, but really she's just kind of a brat. There are some good things though, when you're home alone (probably too old to be scared) you wake her up and she always keeps you company. You get better babysitting jobs because her friends parents hire you. And when you let her hang out with your high school friends you can see the excitement radiating off of her and that is kind of cool. But over all she's just not what you bargained for.

That is until you leave for college. I guess maybe it is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Some how that small little bratty attention stealer turns into one of your very best friends. Just tonight you walked through separate Targets half way across the country from each other and chatted while you shopped.

So even though tomorrow morning you're going to wake up and be disappointed and you might not quite think having a sister is worth it over the next 10 years, your heart is going to change.

Someday you're really going to love that little hairy animal. So try not to be too hard on her...


Thankful for that little sister I never wanted Ashlee

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