Saturday, October 13, 2012

You can't really carry a tune either....

Dear Sixth Grade Ashlee,

You're really not very good at playing the viola. And let's be honest you don't practice much so you probably won't get much better. I know you picked orchestra over band because band makes you take chair tests in front of everyone but I'm hear to tell you that when Kristen decides to join marching band in 9th grade you want to join too, so you don't get left out. So one weekend you and Kristen convince your Mom to buy rent you a clarinet (it seems like the easiest to learn). It works and you join marching band (you're awful at the clarinet too)  but maybe just maybe if you pick it from the beginning you'll be a little bit better. If not the good news is the band director tells you to focus on the first note and last note of each song and you're really good at marching!

The not so musically inclined Ashlee

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