Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I am already bored with my challenge choice...and questioning my decision to not just have less of a theme on the blog for the entire month. I almost quit or amended the rules. In the end I made a decision and chose a challenge topic and I'm going to stick with that. :)

Here is today's letter to me:

Dear Ashlee, 

Your inability to make a decision is annoying. I'm not quite sure when the constant waffling started but I do remember that time in 9th grade that Sir-Bob-a-lot pulled the car over and wouldn't drive us to dinner until someone decided where we were going to go. I remember that you would have rather gone home than been forced to make a choice (turns out SBaL couldn't make a decision either and that's why were were stopped in the first place). It's really strange because you are the most bossy person I've ever met (well tied for bossiest) and I feel like that should make you a good strong decision maker. It doesn't. You wait until the last possible second to decide where to go to college, you change your major 9 times (only to end up back in college (and changing your mind about what to do at least twice on the way back!), you miss out on great opportunities trying to make a decision. Frankly it's exhausting so please just don't worry so hard about making the wrong decision and stop trying to make sure your decision will make every person happy and just make a decision! Here's the thing I wish I could tell you that you grow out of it but you don't. IT.GETS.WORSE. Like when you are by yourself and trying to decide what to eat for lunch you sometimes have to pull the car over and try and make yourself decide that way, and lots of times that ends up with you turning the car around and just not getting anything because it is easier than deciding. So if you could just work on this problem, for us, I'd really appreciate it. 

The older wiser smater  older Ashlee

PS you hung out with that other bossiest person recently and you remembered that she also can't make a decision to save her life. It made dinner a real problem when it was just the two of you since there was no one else around to decide....maybe it's a bossy people thing.  

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