Monday, November 24, 2008


Saturday started at 2:45am with my alarm going off, I was startled mostly because I didn't think I had ever fallen asleep. At 12:30 I was looking at the clock begging myself to please fall asleep. Then telling myself if you just think about nothing you will fall asleep, then answering myself that I can't think of nothing when I am thinking about not sleeping. Eventually it must have worked because the alarm woke me. I took a shower loaded my car (with warm clothes, blankets, and such) and headed for Norman.

I met my friend at 4:20am we headed to McDonald's and Wal-Mart to get some last minute supplies (ice, sour cream, super glue, and such). Then it was off to my favorite place in the world (which can be seen in this post). Once arriving on campus a little before 5:00am we scoped out the competition (or the line, had it been a normal hour I'd have taken pictures of the crazies) and headed off to find a place to park. It was about 30 degrees outside with a much colder feels like temperature and it took us about 3o minutes to psych ourselves up enough to put on our layers and exit the car.

Once we finally did we made our way to the track where none other than the College Game Day crew was set up. I'm gonna guess there were about 100ish people ahead of us in line. I was checking out the other signs to see how mine measured up. I started it about 9:30 Friday night and was thinking it was pretty rough but compared to the other signs it wasn't half bad. (glitter makes everything look better). At one point another friend joined us in the line waiting and I of course made friends with the people behind us.

Here I am waiting in line all bundled up wearing a ton of crimson (which when I asked if it was too much I was told, "there is no such thing as too much crimson" duh that's the truth)
My eyes look so blue!

Before we were allowed inside of the game day set up we had to go through security, they had to read our signs to make sure they were tv appropriate and some people were patted down (me not being one of them) I was asked to go to a special second line because the first lady wasn't sure if my sign was mean or not (sign to be seen later in the post) My friend got questioned about an empty camera case (camera was around my neck) apparently camera cases are suspicious when they are empty. After the security check point it was time for free stuff and trying to get on tv...
Here is the side I never showed the tv

And here is the side that made it on tv! Not only did it make it on tv but Lee pointed at it and smiled. Of course it was because he knows its true!

Here is Kirk Herbstreet in the flesh. (so exciting!)

The back of Kirk, Lee, and Chris (no zoom, so close) of course I never took pictures when they were looking at us...I was sleepy!
Here I got one of Chris talking to the group of us. (you can see the last pic I took of him here) Obviously my centering abilities need help!

After several hours we decided to head out and try and warm up. We went to Wal-Mart to pick up a charcoal grill and a few other things. When we got there my friend said I'm going to close my eyes for a minute (so I did too), next thing we knew it was an hour later. He proceeded to tell everyone we talked to all day about our nap in the WM parking lot and I was embarrassed, but I guess since I've posted it on the Internet he can tell whoever he wants.

After that went to a different friends house and grilled (friend makes the best burgers ever, so yummy) and hung out for several hours, the highlight of this part of the day was watching the boys play stickball with a tennis ball. Silly boys. Also, I got to sit some at this point.

When it was time to leave we walked around campus visiting people at tailgates around campus (lots and lots of walking) Met some new people, fun times.

Finally it was time to enter the stadium (please note at this point we had been on campus for close to 13 hours!) We got into the stadium got our free beanies! yay! We watched the team warm up and got excited!! We sat down as much as we could for the hour and half because we knew it would be the last time for hours...we were so pumped! I was saving the seat next to me for someone 1. not drunk 2. not a tech fan 3. and knew something about football. Of course I got stuck to a drunk guy annoying! Of course he had to pee (because he was drunk) and asked me to save his seat, a normal looking sober guy so I offered him the seat next to me (I told him about drunk guy (I had also told drunk guy my friend might come back) to make a long story short when drunk guy returned...he knew normal guy. Are you kidding me...dang it! Anyway, Normal Guy told Drunk Guy we were cousins and we all just squeezed in.

The game pretty much speaks for itself with our 65-21 domination over texas tech. It was absolutely without a doubt the best game I have been to. It was amazing. I have never seen the fans be so into a game. It was Awesome!
Nic Harris!
Had an amazing game! Way too stay on top of your tackling! You looked awesome!
The boys getting excited before the game! Everybody JUMP!
This is me watching the game. I think I looked way better at 5:00am! Maybe if I had done my new smile technique. Dang it!
Here is the offense! (Best picture ever)

This easily ranks at the top of my best Saturdays ever! I hope that our boys keep playing like they did Saturday, because they looked practically flawless! Keep up the good work boys!

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the crumb said...

aw, i'm glad you had such a good time! even one of the best saturdays ever, that's impressive.

your eyes do look blue! i know you like that. it's because of your aryan preferences.

if i knew who those people were i'd be so excited for you! hahaha. oh well. it still looks like a mighty fun time. :)