Thursday, November 13, 2008


Here is a review of the movies I've seen this week. In no real order....

The best part of this movie was the review we read before going to see it "House is AWESOME!!!!!" It is now our understanding that the girl who wrote this review was talking about the tv show House MD. I mean if you've seen everything else in the theater and you enjoy scary movies you might as well check it out. But, don't expect to understand what is going on. It was confusing and not easy to follow at all. I did jump in fear a few times and there were some good quotable lines.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno.
This is was your typical comedy of this stature. There were some really funny parts, some really stupid parts and a couple of really gross parts. It follows the exact plot line you would expect it to. I'm a fan of Elizabeth Banks, I think she's really cute and would probably watch just about anything with her in it. It's not as raunchy as you might expect but please don't take your small children to see it...

Role Models.
Role Modles was funny the same kind of funny as Zack and Miri, it follows your typical "teenage comedy" plot. So, if you're looking for a good laugh from a predictable movie with some dirty jokes thrown in this is your movie. I do have one complaint about this movie. If you watched the previews then you pretty much saw the whole movie. Elizabeth Banks is in this one too!
My personal opinion on current comedies in the theaters, if you're only going to see one I'd go see Sex Drive. But I did watch Zack and Miri and Role Models in the same day so maybe it was a little too much. Hopefully, there will be some new scary movies coming out soon.

Before this weekend I have prided myself on having never seen a James Bond movie or a Star Wars movie (used to have Batman on that list). Casino Royale was good enough that I checked into seeing Quantum of Solace tonight at the Midnight showing. For me the whole movie was worth the opening scene that was so unbelievably ridiculous I couldn't stop watching. Apparently, Bond movies are known for these and I'll be seeing the next one mostly for the opening. Also, it was a good mix of predictable and unexpected. I was sometimes a little bit bored and being able to predict what will happen next is a favorite of mine.

Born on the Fourth of July.
My review for this one is going to be short seeing is I kept falling asleep and having to pretend I knew what was going on. I'm fairly certain this is a propaganda movie but my friend really wanted me to watch it. We eventually turned it off so I could sleep and I have no idea how it ends (I have to watch to find out....blah) So, I guess I'll be renting this one again.

(Please note at this point I think there are only two movies left playing in theaters I haven't seen, that's what Friday's are good movies!!)

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