Monday, November 17, 2008


I had a good busy weekend.

Friday I went to the OU men's basketball game, they looked good and won very conviningly.

Saturday was freezing! I started the morning bundled up at Blaine's playoff football game. They won! Yay! I was busy trying to recruit the kids and letting them know if they keep up the hard work they'll be getting college scholarships before they know it. Tonight is the final game, I'll let you know how it goes. After the football game I headed to the OU women's basketball game they also looked good and won, it was fun to see two number 1 draft picks in two days!! After that I headed off to hang out with a friend and watch the second season of Dexter, we finished that up and I'm so excited for the third season to come out on DVD (we both agree tv is way better on dvd).

Sunday, wasn't too busy slept in, watched a bit of football, ate Mexican for lunch, had a margarita, yummy! And went and saw Changling, I am not a fan of Angelina Jolie in fact I don't like her one bit (but it was the only movie at the theater we hadn't see that wasn't rated G) The movie was pretty good. A little sad, but kinda cool it was based on truth.


the crumb said...

i totally looked up changeling to see what all the fuss is about. angelina usually does action movies so i like seeing her in another role. even though you don't like her because of her personal decisions, i hope you can appreciate that she is a really good actress. in fact, i'm surprised you saw the movie, but glad you did. thanks for sharing. :)

riddle me that said...

The ONLY reason I watched changeling is because I had seen everything else in the theater....otherwise I would have at least waited until it was on video I hate supporting her in the theater. I also watched Kung Fu Panda last night, and she is voiced in that. I, of course, easily hated her character.