Friday, November 21, 2008

don't jinx me, please.

I had a really great post typed up with tons of pictures, and I just kept looking at it. Scrolling up and down it thinking about how if I posted it, I might jinx things. Then I'd think about how silly that really is....but either way I just couldn't for the life of me hit the orange Publish Post button. So, I've deleted it, and typed this over it. And it makes me feel better. My plans for the day include getting my eyebrows waxed...ouch. How often are you supposed to do that anyway? I'm not really sure. Guess I could ask....I also think I'm going to get a manicure my nails are looking pretty bad, at this point I don't think I can be much help to them. And I think I'll resume my walking schedule today even though it is FREEZING outside. Maybe it'll get me ready for tomorrows adventures in the cold...I can for sure tell you I will not be updating tomorrow as it looks like I'll be heading to Norman early and staying late...for now I will leave you with this great picture



the crumb said...

is that your finger?

riddle me that said...

i'm pretty sure it's natalie's