Thursday, November 20, 2008


Thanks to photobucket for allowing me access to my pictures again. I signed on to photobucket last week to check things out because I need to start using it again since I've lost the ability to post pictures how I was doing it. (annoying) Anyway, I went to get on yesterday to get a picture for wordless Wednesday and I couldn't get into my account *gasp* all those precious pictures. So, anyway I couldn't reset my password because I no longer have access to the email address that I originally used when I signed up for the account. Luckily, the smart people at the bucket had a solution, I had to answer like 8 questions about my account (most of which I had little idea of the answers) I used my humor to charm the nice folks and it worked because they have given me access to my pictures and it only took one day! wooo hooo! So, here is a picture for you to enjoy!
I had something so excited planned for you today but I left it at home so I guess it will just have to wait for another day. Sadness.


the crumb said...

glad you got access! you rule.

though if you really wanted this picture, i have it on my computer. it was at ghengis grill, right? and i was there... and that's my purse. :)

riddle me that said...

haha and your camera! i actually am pretty sure that have copies of all of the photobucket pictures...but it's just the thought that i may never be able to sign in again!!!