Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sooner Magic.

Tonight was wonderful!

Sooner Magic mixed with unbelievable talent and pure skill! Four games in a row scoring over 60 points two ranked teams in two weeks. Arguably the hardest road win in the country. 640 points and the season isn't even over. We may be the first team in postwar history to score 700 points in one season? And only two other teams have done so in the history of football. A coach who doesn't whine? It feels so good to be an Oklahoma Sooner!

I am joining the Bob Stoops move to not politic for a spot in the Big XII title game. But, let it be known that I do believe we should be there. And after the polls are released tomorrow I will let my reasons be known.

and to the haters at ESPN and College Game Day jump on the saxet band wagon all you want, it makes the victories that much sweeter!

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