Friday, April 3, 2009

25 things.

Alright here it 25 things list that I never posted on Facebook. Enjoy!

1. I love to watch other people play video/computer games.

2. My oldest first cousin is 11 years younger than I am. The youngest is 23 years younger than I am.

3. My hands and feet peel when I'm stressed out

4. I wish I were a mathematician. I turn things into math problems just to solve them. (what is the probability I'll hear a certain song/artist on my ipod, as an example)

5. I can't make decisions about anything. When I'm alone trying to decide where to eat I call people & get their input.

6. I have over 100 pairs of undies

7. I have about the same # of t-shirts. I rotate them a couple of times a year.

8. I hate my big toes.

9. I almost always listen to ESPN radio in the car.

10. I crave food like a pregnant woman (think meatballs and pickles)

11. In the event of a nuclear holocaust I could survive for at least a week with the stuff in my car.

12. I love wrapped presents and hate gift bags.

13. I don't open my mouth when I put on mascara.

14. I've never received a trophy.

15. I don't like art.

16. I don't like flowers.

17. I LOVE the Yukon Denial especially the XL. I frequently car flirt with those driving them.

18. Once I was almost kidnapped from a Kmart parking lot.

19. In 6th grade I got suspended for fighting.

20. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 18 even though I got a car when I was 16. I was terrified to drive.

21. I've changed my last name twice for a total of 3 last names (I still use the second one)

22. I've been grieving for my unborn twin since I was a small child, even though there is no evidence I ever had one.

23. I momentarily considered putting my middle name down as Laquisha at my HS graduation to perpetuate a very long standing joke.

24. I get REALLY hot when I sleep and I can't sleep with my feet under the covers ever.

25. I love shredded cheese on burgers. YUMMY!


Giant Sis said...

#6 - whoa, that's a lot!
#11 - from the once or twice i've seen your car, i could believe it!
#14 - that's a little sad.
#15 and 16 - me too!

Me said...

"Yukon Denial" Ya, makes sense.