Monday, April 20, 2009

i heart hearts.

Update: Unc's surgery well, he had a triple bypass and was diagnosed with an artery disease. He was told that this surgery will only last about 10 years at which point he will have to have another one (or something like it, depending what the technology is like at that point). Unc is expected to be very very sore for quite some time, due to the breaking of the sternum. Stellan was also doing well after his surgery and luckily they did not have to go through his tiny chest, which should make his recovery easier. Hopefully, he will get to join his MSS* back at home very soon.

*many small siblings

Tomorrow my uncle is having open heart surgery at 9:00am. It was very sudden and unexpected, we are very thankful that the issue was found before he had a heart attack. He is at a very good heart hospital and is in good spirits. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Also, Stellan will be having surgery on his very tiny heart tomorrow at 7:30am my time. His mommy is one of my very favorite bloggers, even if her favorite color is orange (i hate orange).

Please keep both my uncle and Stellan, their families, and their doctors in your prayers.

Hopefully tomorrow afternoon they will both have healthier happier hearts.

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Giant Sis said...

I'll be praying for both hearts!

And I hate orange too (which is sad, since I'm a gator.).

See you on Thursday!