Saturday, April 4, 2009

The list!

Welcome to my 101 in 1001! I first saw this idea on a blog I was lurking around on, I was intrigued so I googled it to find out some more and ended up here at Day Zero. As well as on many more blogs of people who are currently doing 101 in 1001. I slowly started my list and figured out a good start and end date and started getting a little bit excited. I L-O-V-E love lists! I love making lists and I love crossing things off of lists. I just really love lists! (I am, however, a horrible procrastinator, and have a ton of unfinished lists!) The idea is really simple, make a list of 101 tasks you would like to complete. The tasks must be specific, easily defined, and measurable. The tasks must be realistic and stretching, something you can do, but something you have to work at. 1001 days is longer than a normal "new year's resolution goal" 2.75 years. You need to be decisive, stay focused, welcome failure (ew), write tasks down, and keep them in sight!

UPDATED 1/13/10


Begin April 4, 2009 End December 31, 2011

Completed Tasks
In Progress
Failed Tasks

all #s are links that will let you see the motivation/progress toward each one!

1. Watch every OU football game (13/13) that's all for this season
2. Clean my car (inside and out) once a month (0/33)
3. Run a 5k in under 30 minutes
4. Move out of Grammy's house
5. Wear a dress everyday for a month
6. Take the train with Olivia and Charlie
7. Read 10 books from Times 100 best novels list (0/10)
8. lose 35lbs to be at goal weight (0/35)
9. go to a bowl game
10. Paint my nails once a week for 6 months.
11. exercise more days than I don't (30/501)
12. Read 4 political books (0/4)
13. Take 5 road trips (0/5)
14. Print and album all cd pictures
15. album all loose pictures
16. make a birthday list, send cards to everyone on it
17. take a picture with Santa

18. visit 2 new states (0/2)
19. get a facial
20. give blood
21. blog 4 times a week
22. be able to see a Magic Eye
23. take a self picture every day (0/1001) I did really well at this for awhile (I think I'll change to everyday for a year)
24. Watch 150 movies I've never seen (50/150)
25. Try 50 new recipes (10/50)
26. get my passport
27. blog everyday for 1 month
28. Post 100 comments on blogs I read (but don't know irl) (17/100)
29. use my Rollerblades
30. Pet a cow
31. write and let 10 managers know how great an employee did (0/10)
32. finish Walden
33. sell, donate, throw away 1001 items (91/1001)
34. sit in the balcony at Warren theater
35. Record detailed spending for 1 month
36. make a quilt
37. attend 6 football games in new (to me) stadiums (0/6)
38. Take Kuddles for a walk 3 days a week for 6 weeks (0/18)
39. no fast food for 30 days (6/30)
40. swim in a lake (ew)
41. Participate in the 3 day Race for the Cure
42. Be a vegetarian for 1 week once a year (0/3)
43. go sailing
44. read the dictionary front to back
45. eat at 25 new (to me) restaurants (11/25)
46. complete a 26 things project (0/26)

47. mail a secret to post secret
48. carve a pumpkin for Halloween
49. get a deep tissue massage
50. put my hand flat on the ground without bending my knees
51. 1 month without fizzy drinks complete 8/26/09!
52. Do a face mask once a week for 6 weeks (0/6)
53. volunteer at least once to help kids/babies
54. buy a complete outfit from thrift stores (undies not included)
55. walk/jog around lake Hefner
56. go to an art museum
57. color an entire coloring book
58. find a copy of lose again
59. buy a chi complete 5/09 (After talking to my hair dresser i bought a diff. brand but a GOOD one none the less)
60. send 101 postcards, letters, or packages (6/101)
61. attend 2 professional sporting events
62. make my handwriting into a font
63. make a list of 100 things that make me happy (15/100)
64. photograph everything I eat
65. complete the couch to 5k
make my bed 6 days a week for 5 weeks (0/30)
67. Read 15 books from the list for college bound students (0/15)
68. Do a good deed once a week (big or small) (40/143)
69. try 5 new foods (1/5)
70. change my cars oil 3x a year (1/9)
71. have my car detailed
72. make $100 online (0/100)
73. enter & win a contest
74. visit another country
75. make a new friend
76. Read 5 books others want me to read (1/5)
77. go geocaching with Blake and Blaine
78. buy an iphone
79. go on a sisters trip with Natalie
80. get a proper bra fitting (not at vs)(after reaching goal weight)
81. become a full time employee
82. get featured by WW
83. see a movie (in the theater) alone
84. eat in a restaurant (with wait staff) alone
85. pay off all debt owed directly to OU
86. get "the project" patented
87. write a children's book (even if it never meets a publisher)
88. buy something off an infomercial
89. take a picture with Bob and with Barry
90. get Barry to autograph Jerry McGuire
91. Read 4 books about starting your own business
92. write a business plan
93. watch Friends (season 1 - season 10) in one weekend
94. make 101 decisions I'd normally leave up to someone else (0/101)
95. weigh once a week (no excuses) until lifetime is achieved (0/?)
96. take an entire bottle of vitamins without forgetting a day
97. go camping (tent kind)
98. shoot (at a target or something, not an animal or person) a gun (any kind will do)
99. donate $5 for every incomplete goal
100. write about every completed goal
101. Have a new 101 list ready for January 1, 2012


Scott said...

Looks like a great list. I'll be watching you!!!

christie said...

haha, scott will be watching you. creepy.

i like visit another country, pet a cow, and finish walden the most. this sure is a lot of goals. good luck, shlee! :)