Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I want this....

Yes, it's an OU Snuggie!

Yes, it makes me think back to the BIG XII championship game and the fact that I was FREEZING because it was hardly in the teens.

Yes, it makes me remember how I abandoned looking cute on cold game days for warmth.

Yes, I think this new snuggie will solve problems of being cold and cute or warm and not so cute.

Yes, I picture myself wearing it at the Nebraska game.

Yes, I did think about how much easier it would be to carry this into a stadium instead of my normal wool blanket!


Yes, I did think about how I will be able to still clap my hands because my arms are free!

yes, I know I'm a little bit dorky.

And in case you are really wondering, when I first saw the Snuggie infomerical last year my first thought was "Wow I could wear that crimson one to football games!" It's like they read my mind!

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