Sunday, June 28, 2009

Florida Food part 2

LeRoy Selmon's is my FAVORITE!
It is so yummy!
And they have OU pictures hanging up all over the place!
I went twice while I was in Bradenton, but only took pictures once.....

I love their Fried Green Tomatoes! YUM!
Their Nachos are to die for! YUMM!
Their Salads are so delish! YUMMY!!
We also ordered queso! It was good!
The first time I went I got my Mile High Pulled Pork sandwhich! SO YUMMY!
(yes there were only 3 of what if we are pigs!)
Upon looking at all of our food Natalie and I noticed we didn't get our rolls. So, we asked for them. And they were warm! and covered in BBQ sauce ohmy! to die for.....
(yes, the waitress did look at us like we were crazy when we asked for them, no we did not care)

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