Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flying to Florida on Friday

I left on Friday (a few Fridays ago) and headed to Florida to see my FAVORITE sister graduate from High School.

The sky was so pretty!

When I landed in Tampa I boarded the tram to get to baggage claim. The only problem was the train stopped (so suddenly I was pretty sure that I had whip lash!) Here is a picture of me waiting to be rescued. (I could have used some make up, and maybe a hair brush)

Here is the emergency phone we tried to use to find out if anyone was going to help us.
It didn't work...and we waited forever! Some people were thinking about how hard it would be to break a window....

These guys pried open the doors and then I kid you not said
"If we all go they can't arrest us, so we have to do this together are ya'll ready? 1....2....3"
Then we all jumped off.....
Finally we were free!
And I was Bradenton bound!!

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