Thursday, June 18, 2009

Graduation Day!

I had really hoped to write this post after I gathered some pictures that I didn't have on my camera but who knows how long that would have without further ado. I present to you Graduation Day!

Me watching Natalie open her presents!

fixing her hair!

Scott and I!
Her present from me!

(in order to get good seats we had to get there really early, I was bored!)
More waiting!
There she is! One of the graduation speakers!
(the best one I might add)
I was trying to get Natalie
(I took at least 57 of these pictures and I guess I uploaded one she wasn't actually in, but we can pretend)
(boys wore blue and girls wore red, SO dumb!)
Me watching Natalie walk in!
Nate and Scott watching Nat walk in!
I can't believe she is all graduated!

Mom, Natalie, Me
(no Nathan didn't attend, but that's a whole different post)
I am so proud of you!


christie said...

i'm so glad you got to go! please recreate nat's speech for me. thank you very much.

also, your hair is so cute!

riddle me that said...

would you like ME to recreate it? or would you just like to see it as soon as i get an uploaded version of it?

thankyouverymuch! (even if you think i look old)