Monday, June 22, 2009


While Desire, Natalie, and I were at the South Florida Museum we obviously saw SNOOTY! I mean that was our number one main reason for without further is Manatee County's Mascot, Favorite mammal of most Bradentonites, Almost 61 yo thinks he's a human, Oldest Manatee in captivity.....
remember when he used to be in that small above ground pool?
This place is a palace!
He's really wanted to show off

to get some lettuce and sweet potatoes!

I've always really, really wanted to pet him!

Really he is the cutest thing ever!

A little bit lazy!

Snooty was getting a little bit they had to put him on a diet.

No strawberries or watermelon, except on his birthday :(
he's so cute!
And freaking huge!

Those are not belly buttons, they are where he had skin graphs.
And then...we headed to the head cut outs!
Me and Snoots!
Shut up don't we look like this was made for us?!


christie said...

did you pet him, then?

haha at the cutouts. who are you people.

how has survived all these billions of years by eating all that lettuce?

riddle me that said...

NO! they don't let you pet him...germs. blah!

you're a little bit jealous that you didn't get to stick your head in a cutout...and i have some of des as the girl...but they didn't get uploaded?!? :(

he eats like 178lbs of lettuce a day...silly monkey