Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Happy!


Guess who turned 5 today!!

(are you serious?)

Kuddles birthday 002

My brother thought she was the perfect graduation gift because her birthday was so close to mine!

(I better get a good present out of this)

Kuddles birthday 019

I think she’s perfect because she will let me put frilly birthday hats on her!

(I am not amused)

Kuddles birthday 016

Until she gets fed up with it, takes it off and turns her back to me. ha!

(she does not like my game, but she’s too small to do anything about it!)

Kuddles birthday 012

The offer of a treat seems to make it all okay! :)

(look at that hat hair!)

Kuddles birthday 009

Happy FIFTH birthday to my favorite little monkey dog!!

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