Wednesday, December 15, 2010

If she lived closer we’d be besties…

Emily and I got paired up as swap partners for both Laura’s Ornament Swap* and Meg’s Mitten Mixer* (were you a tiny bit disappointed at first Emily? because you thought you were getting two and then you got one? I was. sorry. I think you’re great though!)  I decided that it was obviously fate that matched us up and we were pretty much destined to be awesome blog swapping friends….

When I got my package I went straight for the ornament…
Kuddles birthday 022
Could this ornament be any more me? I think not. An A, Pink, fur, polka dots. It’s so me!

I loved it!
I am going to find somewhere to keep it all year!

2010-12-15 Kuddles birthday

My package had all of this fun stuff in it. cute!

Kuddles birthday 038

These mittens, which made me laugh out loud because I almost got her the exact same ones! (great minds)

It was a fabulous package that totally made my day!

Okay if all that wasn’t enough…today when I got home I had another package, I saw Emily’s name on it and I was a little confused but super excited…
Kuddles birthday 039
She sent me a birthday card (because she left a card out of the first one) and two of these quick color nail polishes (which I’ve always wanted to try)

So that’s amazing right…

Then when I read the card and she said to practice with and the light one and to wear the Black Cherry (which we will call Crimson from now on) on Game Day (be still my heart), it was like she was the most amazing swap partner ever!! :)

Now I know everyone is going to be jealous that I got Emily twice, and they didn’t get a chance to swap with her! :)

Thank you Emily for the first package which was awesome by itself,
and then a second package which was way too sweet!!

*both Big XII grads! 


Laura said...

Sorry you were disappointed at first! My pairs were chosen totally randomly!

And again, yay Big 12! :)

Emily Silver said...

Yay, I'm so glad you liked it!

And yeah, I was totally disappointed at first, but then I was like hey, saves on postage, and I get to send her twice as much stuff ;)